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The NADSP E-Badge Academy offers Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) and Frontline Supervisors (FLSs) at Home and Community Based Service provider agencies the ability to earn national certification through stackable electronic badges, demonstrating the knowledge, skills, and values that they utilize every day. The E-badge Academy is offered at no-cost to provider agencies or DSPs/FLSs. TennCare has purchased 900 seats for DSPs and 100 seats for FLSs for the State that will be granted on a first-come first serve basis.

How it Works

There are two categories that DSPs must fulfill for each level of certification - Core Competencies (ex. cultural competence, empowerment & advocacy, etc.) and Accredited Education, which is professional development gained from educational materials/training accredited by NADSP. There are many accredited educational offerings (ex. Relias) that can be found at

Provider agencies will set up administrator accounts and their participating staff will create individual accounts where they will submit evidence of core competencies and accredited education to earn badges. Participants can upload a written or audio file demonstrating their application of a core competency in their work. For accredited education, participants submit documentation for the completed education. NADSP then reviews these submissions and awards e-badges accordingly.

1. Bonuses & Incentives

  • DSPs who complete e-badge certification will be eligible for up to$4,150 in bonuses. Provider agencies can receive reimbursement for training of $1,000 for each DSP participant. Providers are also eligible for incentives for each DSP certified at their agency ($250 per DSP-1, $500 per DSP-2, $750 per DSP-3).

2. Recognition of Staff

  • This is an opportunity for agencies to formally acknowledge DSP’s skills and expertise and support their career development.

3. Continued Training & Education

  • This program promotes continued education and training and allows DSPs to get credit for their competency through a nationally recognized certification, building their professional portfolios.

Certification Levels

  1. DSP-1: 15 total e-badges & 50 hours of accredited education/training

  2. DSP-2: 30 total e-badges &100 hours of accredited education/training

  3. DSP-3: 50 total e-badges & No additional training requirement

  4. FLS: 16 total e-badges & 25 hours of accredited education/training

For more information, visit:

NADSP Toolkit: TennCare NADSP E-Badge Communication Tool Kit (

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